Thursday, July 13, 2017

Comic Books

Back in the 80's I absolutely loved comic books. I could not wait for the next issue of all of my favorite titles to come out. Every month I got to find out what the latest exploits of the super heroes I followed. I was a major Marvel fan and my favorites included Alpha Flight, X-Men and Fantastic Four. It was so much fun to complete collections, or find that special back issue I was looking for. This all came to an end when my parents decided on a move from New York to Florida when I was 15. I was already fairly depressed and I really did not want to move. I wound up selling my comic books for very little money to buy some stereo equipment. I have regretted this decision ever since.

I have always thought about picking up some comic books again, but I never did until recently. I started watching videos on You Tube made by Comic Trips. Comic Trips is a You Tube Channel where a couple (Paul & Kat) travel to comic/toy shops and other pop culture type places in search of comics and toys they grew up with.

I enjoyed these videos very much, and they really rekindled my love of comics. Since then I have went to Megacon in Orlando, and found quite a few good deals on comics. I have officially started reading and collecting again. I find it to be quite fun digging through long boxes full of comics, to find an issue on my list. I have mostly been picking up Alpha Flight and Excalibur. They are not super expensive, and I enjoy them. 

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